Griddle Cleaning Stone


Cellular glass cleaning brick,which is made of pure glass,and also known as Grill Brick, Griddle/Grill Cleaner, BBQ Scraper/Griddle Cleaning Stone are an amazingly easy to use utensil that clean flat grill surfaces fast.


Product Features

Formulated using naturally occurring sand and other abundant natural ingredients Will not mar the griddle. Does not absorb grease or odor.


Product Specification

Density: 140Kg/m³ (Widespread by the market used in griddles cleaning) Works on all hot or cold flat-top griddles and does not absorb grease or odor

W: 3 1/2" (9cm), T: 4" (10cm), L: 8" (20cm)

Special size or requirement is available according to request.

Blocks are individually shrink-wrapped


Product Inquiry

A sales representative will contact you within 12 hours regarding your inquiry.Should you require immediate feedback please send email to