High Density Polyurethane/Polyisocyanurate Foam


 High density PUF/PIR is a new kind of foaming polymer with the features of plastic,rubber and softwood. It is created through high speed stirring with the main raw material of isocyanate and polyether added with vesicant,catalyst or flame retardants. The foaming body is a structure like a three-dimensional honeycomb,which is made up of ten thousands of isolated cells.It has low thermal conductivity,high compressive strength,and low water adsorption,it has excellent properties which asphalt-wood products and other pads difficult to compare.It's ideal material for cold pipe supports and equipment pads.It is used as pipe supports,cradles and equipment pads in  Petrochemical industry,LNG liquefied gas factory,cold-chain base and central air conditioner both in domestic and foreign.


Product Parameter


 Products Description
①Low thermal conductivity,good effect of cold insulation
②High compressive and flexural strength
③High ratio of closed cell,while with low water absorption
④Excellent flame retarding
⑤Strong protection from corrosion,mould and worm eating
⑥Fabricated in molds and NC mechanical cutting in advance,various thicknesses per cold conservation requirements



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