Industrial Insulation


Product Description
Cellular Glass Insulation Is a Rigid,Lightweight Insulating Material Composed Of Millions Of Completely Sealed Glass Cells,Each An Insulating Space.Foam Glass Insulation’s All-Glass. Cellular Glass Insulation’s All-Glass,Closed-Cell Structure Provides An Unmatched Combination Of Physical Properties,It Is Impermeable To Moisture In Any Form, And It Is Non-Combustible. Cellular glass Pipe And Block Insulation Is Used Most Frequently In Applications Involving Process Piping, Tanks, Vessels And Equipment Which Are Most Commonly Used By The Gas Processing, Refining, Petrochemical And Specialty Chemical Industries. Cellular Glass Pipe Insulation Can Handle Operating Temperatures From -450°F To +900°F.


Product Parameter


Product Applications
①Cryogenic systems
②Low temperature pipe, equipment, tanks and vessels
③Medium and high temperature pipes and equipment
④Hot oil and hot asphalt storage tanks
⑤Heat transfer fluid systems
⑥Hydrocarbon processing systems
⑦Chemical processing systems
⑧Above ground and underground steam and chilled water piping
⑨Commercial piping and duct work



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